Foot air pump

This foot air pump is ideal for a quick and easy inflating or deflating of rubber boats, air mattresses, air beds and many more. Made of high-quality synthetic material, with a 127 cm long hose and 2 different valves of different sizes.


Material: synthetic material

Length of hose: 127 cm

Height (open): approx. 17.5 cm

Height (closed): approx. 6.5 cm

Depth: 22 cm

Width: 16 cm

Length big valve plug: approx. 3.5 cm

Length valve plug small: approx. 3 cm

Capacity: 5 litres

Accessories: clamping bracket, 2 tapered valve bonnets and hose

Weight: approx. 500 g

Price: EUR 12 inc VAT

To buy this pump or send an inquiry, fill this or phone/text 99451541.

You can either pick it up from our premises or have it delivered to you. (orders over Eur100)