camping gear rentals


2 men tents @ 15 per night ~ 20 per weekend
3 men tents @ 20 per night ~ 25 per weekend
4 men tents @ 25 per night ~ 30 per weekend
shower pop-up tents @ 15 per night ~ 20 per weekend

All camping tents are 3 season, double layered with separate groundsheet and flysheet. Single layered 3 men lighter tents are also available. A rubber mallet is included.

Prices per weekend
1/2 season sleeping bags 7
Charcoal BBQ 20
Gas BBQ 50
Gas stove (inc 220gr gas cartridge with valve) 12
Ultra light gas stove (inc 220gr threaded valve gas cartridge) 10
Cast iron stove (inc regulator to connect to gas tank) 10
2 Kerosene lamps (inc kerosene) 10
2 LED lamps (exc batteries) 10
Gas lamp inc 190gr gas cartridge and mantle 10
AC floodlight with 10m power cable 10
5 foot trailer to carry supplies 50
2 X 30l water jerry cans 5
Instant lighting Charcoal 2.81kg 7.90
220gr gas cartridge with valve 2
220gr threaded valve gas cartridge 4.50
425gr threaded valve gas cartridge 6.80
190gr gas cartridge 1.50
Mantle 1

Discounts applicable if multiple tents & gear are taken for longer stays.

20 deposit on each tent. 250 deposit on trailer.
Refunded after inspection for any damages.

For large groups, delivery and assembly of tents is also possible.

Send us your requirements and we'll email you our best price possible.

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